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How to add and delete contacts in AOL Mail

How to add and delete contacts in AOL Mail and in there is no rule saying you have to put contacts in your address book. In order to stay in touch with them via AOL Mail that it is a convenient way to keep them organized class. It is a useful place to store useful information about people that you might otherwise forget when it comes to instant messenger applications like in however the normal thing to do is to add contacts to your list so you can always see who's online to chat with in today's tutorial will go over how to add contacts to both AOL Mail and Instant Messenger and because anything can happen will also talk about how to delete contacts from both of these services to get started. Make sure you are signed into AOL Mail so that you can see the left sidebar that is used for email navigation how to add contacts in AOL Mail when logged into your AOL account you can easily access your address book of contacts at any time by finding the section labeled contacts in the left sidebar. As you can see my address book is empty because I haven't added any contacts yet. When you have added people to your AOL contacts, though they will appear here with whatever information you have provided for them. We email address and screaming, phone number etc. to add a new contact in AOL Mail, click on the button near the top of the address book that looks like a little person with a + in the new contact form. You can add any and all information that you have about the person we want to save to your AOL address book. This will usually include at least their first name and email address which would be the bare minimum for keeping track of who everybody is. If you have a nickname for them or want to add a note to help you remember. For example, how you met that can go in McLean field to add them on aim chat as well if you were there screaming you can enter it in the infield and so on and so forth as an example, I'll add my mom as a contact first. I'll enter mom as her first name, last name necessary. Of course, and in the email. One field I typed in the email address I use to communicate with her when I have added all the information I want to add. I will finish the process by clicking on the add contact button at the bottom of the form. You will now see the new contact you have added as it will appear whenever you access it from your address book. The picture was set by default but you can add one of your own if you prefer. Now, if you return to your AOL Mail address book by clicking on the contacts link in the left menu just like before you can see that your newly added contact appears there. Once you have added more contacts. They will also be shown here is a list you can then access any one of them to send email edit information, etc. by clicking on them in the list view how to delete contacts in AOL Mail. If you ever need to delete a contact from your address book in AOL Mail. It's very easy to do. You can do it from two different places your address book list view or the detailed contact page for the specific person want to delete. For example, if you are looking at your entire AOL address book. You can select one or multiple contacts to delete from this list view all you have to do is mark the checkbox next to the contact or contacts you don't want in your address book anymore, and then click on the little trashcan icon at the top of the screen to delete them. You can also click on the contact to view the detail page and use the same trashcan icon to delete them from their how to add contacts in aim chat update as of December, 2017 AOL is finally coming in toast officially for good, but it was nice while it lasted. Adding a new contact in aim. Instant Messenger is very easy and quite similar to other Instant Messenger programs you might have used first log into him so that you can see the main screen with your buddy list from there, you should see a blue binder the top of the buddy list that says contacts to the right of that bar. There is a + click on this +. This will open up a small drop-down menu, click on the first option at aim contact. Now you should see a small pop-up window appear where you can enter the contact information for your new buddy. You can use there screaming email address or mobile phone number, so long as it is something they have associated with their aim account. When you enter this information and will search its database of users to find the person you are looking for. As an example, I've gone and entered the screaming I used for aim back in the day for an account of that adventure check out our introduction post here once I see my name appear as the new contact that will be added. I can go ahead and click on the add button. Finally, you will get a confirmation pop-up that the new contact has been added to your aim messenger buddy list how to delete contacts from aim buddy list deleting a contact from aim messenger is even easier than adding one. If you are logged into aim and looking at your buddy list deleting a contact can be done in just two clicks. First, locate the contact in your aim buddy list. Their name will be listed under whatever group they belong to in your list buddies, family, coworkers, etc. if they are currently online. If not, it will be under the heading off-line. Now move your mouse cursor over they mean you should see a small X appear to the right click on it to delete the contact. Now you know how to easily manage your contacts in AOL Mail and aim chat in order to manage your email effectively. Make sure you check out our next post on saving important messages in AOL Mail you will get a pop-up asking me to confirm that you really want to delete this person. If you are sure click yes the contact should no longer appear in the buddy list

How do I set up my QuickBooks Correctly
So how can I set up my QuickBooks correctly? This is one of the most common questions I get via email actually got an email earlier this morning and I really liked what the email said, show your screenshot of that. However, I'm trying to set up my QuickBooks in order but I don't seem to catch up as a really common theme that I get on the emails is trying to catch up something my QuickBooks is messed up or not set up correctly or have too many accounts or to a little items are not enough items are too many items and I can I can pretty much get a functional I can do invoices print checks is the most common thing that I get I can do all that. But I can get my bank balances to match, and I feel like a lot of transactions are not categorized correctly. Sometimes he feels like deposits are being duplicated. I'm spending way too much time trying to figure this out. I'm a graphic designer, not an accountant. I feel that I'm spending way too much time for the stuff and that there has to be a better way to speed things up so I can concentrate on working with my clients. Can you or someone on your team help us and what were the cost be okay so is a very common question I have almost every day I get to three emails like that?

Things which everyone should remeber:
That is just is not as simple as the video takes a look. There are balances from previous years, there are potential errors, it feels difficult to catch up. So in this article cannot talk about one of the things that I look at when I help people set up the QuickBooks correctly and get on the right track and I couldn't make a video long enough that we cover every single possibility of what's wrong with your QuickBooks file and Whisenant set up correctly but on this article, walk you through one of the things I do when I sit down with someone for the first time ever, I never met him before to look at the QuickBooks and in an attempt to within maybe two or three hours. Sit down cleared up train them short and how to do a right get them on real-time data and make them feel very comfortable so they can go along and run the business. While there QuickBooks is in order.

  • The first thing I look at is beginning balances so if there's a tax return for last year. I want to make sure that whatever the other accountant did in terms of beginning balances that I bring all those balances in.
  • I also want to look at the chart of accounts are there enough accounts are there too many accounts are there redundant accounts of their accounts that don't match the industry or the situation and they can just walk the user through okay these are the income account. You should be using for this circumstances. These are the expense and cost of goods sold accounts. You should be using for that circumstance I was submerging the accounts are duplicated and redundant and deletes the stuff that you don't need.
  • Now there's another area on the chart of accounts is really important, which is your bank accounts or credit card accounts your loans. All these things need to be created with the correct beginning balances so they can roll forward to the current year as your reconciling and be keeping up with them in real time not connecting the banks or credit cards really important.
  • Most major banks allow you to establish a connection from your QuickBooks and your bank so I downloaded transactions in real time. The problem is, sometimes we connect them and we don't get enough transactions or sometimes we connect them and we get duplicate transactions.
  • So part of the process of setting up QuickBooks is making sure that all those duplicates are deleted, but you're only bringing in the new stuff that needs to be brought in and you know how to categorize them correctly as they come in and you set up the bank rules.
  • So QuickBooks is automating some of the more common predictable types of transactions, like if you keep going to the same gas station QuickBooks should be categorizing it correctly but in some cases QuickBooks is smart but not that smart and will start categorizing stuff that you know it's supposed to be something else entirely different category that really has nothing to do with what you actually spent in the place and the problem is again QuickBooks is trying to do things for you but sometimes you can even cause a bigger mess. You have to know how to get into the bank feeds in the bank rules and change all that. None another thing that we tend to do a lot is "clean up and catch up.
  • So cleanup, for the most part, is deleting stuff is not supposed to be their stuff that is in clear the bank so we go through the reconciliation process and delete everything that I do potential duplicate or something. Entered by error and catch up means getting your banks reconciled up to let say last month saw Alicia working on the current month and you and you can and you can work in real time because at any point in time when you're trying to catch up with your own books and your two months behind.
  • Most behind that stuff is really discouraging and it tends to turn people down away from accounting and it tends to be even a bigger issue altogether, which is they just use QuickBooks to print checks or gestures QuickBooks for invoices and they ignore everything else in the no longer QuickBooks becomes useful for making decisions so we think is really important to catch up so you only have 23. That's a 10 transactions data enter and he doesn't feel an overwhelming process. The thing that we do is basic workflow so you know how to enter your estimates or invoices your payments enter your purchase orders, your bills, your bill payments.
Processing tasks inside QuickBooks:
You have to know how to how the process works inside QuickBooks and how it adapts to your industry because not everyone does in invoices. Not everyone does inventory not everyone does purchase orders. Not everyone manages Accounts Payable. Not everyone does budget summon every company and every situation is different. So once we understand kinda what your business is and what you sell and and and what your base is all about walking out the sign couple of basic workflows and teach you how to do it are that way, what you're doing makes sense and it actually does match a real-life transaction that we do a report creation. That is the really important piece was your corruption beginning balance are correct.
How do I get information out of QuickBooks in a meaningful way so I can make decisions with this information in your decisions could be something like filing a tax return or making some prepayments to tax or hiring someone or firing someone by more inventory lesson, but Tori figuring out which clients make you profit which was don't so you can start your weaning off the type of projects. I don't that they are not profitable and focus on the projects that are so those type of custom reports coming to play really, really handy when it comes to that.
And lastly, we do what's called closing the books so will make sure that everything is reconciled to last month or last year. Whatever happens, to be locked those books down faster, protect them, so you can ask or use them for a tax return and no one can touch them served as an audit election. Have a great backup for your audit. So, unfortunately, it's just really really hard to give someone a price, especially with emails like that when people say is my situation. I need to catch up. Give me a price I really don't know how much time as caretakers are not complex is going to be I don't know if you can, a 1 m maybe login remotely and help you catch up 12 months worth of transactions. I don't know if maybe one hour is enough for me to give you all the tools and that you take over. I don't know how long it's going to take and I don't know how much work is going to be how many people I office will be involved so I can just give a price up front, but I asked most people to budget between two to $500 and I was it's kind of a good starting point. Now I have had some companies that have been to $3000 just getting cleaned up, but it was worth it because that information becomes really handy for running the business afterwards. Also decisive your business matters.
You know if you have a really small basis are worth spending $500,000 and catching up last year other people tell me you know what just somehow the last month take over from there and then we go we go something short like one hour two hours, so I'm not a big fan of charging by the hour. I prefer to charge based on value and based on the results that I bring, but in these type of engagements like Hector just help me get caught up help me use my QuickBooks correctly so I can move forward with my business. For that, like a set, a budget between two to $500 and that will go from there. So if you can have a situation like this. Email me send me a list of all the things that you think is wrong, send me a list of all the things that you would like to learn what the agenda is like. I will put together a one-on-one session with myself for someone else in my team to connect go through your QuickBooks go through step-by-step what you need to do to learn it. I clean it up and then get you set up so you can run it on your own in real time, and you can feel confident about running your books and hopefully were just the one meeting or two meetings. I will be good from there so we could also help you with your accounting all year long.
We could also help you with taxes and unite I can do whatever you asked me to do, but my sweet spot. Our sweet spot is helping you with that getting your QuickBooks in order to run your books on your own, you call us maybe once or twice a year for a couple questions here and there, but that you feel confident that everything in there who owes you who you owe inventory value all the stuff it's it's real information and a stuff that you can use to the pen to make decisions on so that really is goalless. And I'm also going to put a link to this article that I was showing you what I was reading below in the description become is a really really good starting point and also helps us plan any training session so we can set up. Thank you
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How to Create Custom Estimate in QuickBooks

Maxim last year we created an estimate but it looks pretty plain. So what spice it up and let our estimate better represent your brand.

  • So let's get back into it from the dashboard of the overdue sales.
  • Click on rodeo customers right here on the far right where it says create invoices, go ahead and click on create estimates and will route to do was just have couple want to know about this service or this and that one hour.
  • Get to what would happen with the I button so about that pause for station identification hours one hour $10 this and that.
  • Check out here in the bottom middle click on customize now it's broken up you go to new style you want to leave without saving surely we need back that doesn't take that long to type in one hour so is broken up into okay for create estimates that turn heads and open wallets.
  • Content emails and payments will just be called as templates one just like that.

For example, one now there's a bunch of things you can do so. We got our design or content or emails payments for design is how we wanted to look at her colour a logo. I imagine your company has a couple of colours that represented these colours may be on your logo, your decals, your uniforms, let's upload an image. I've got my old Village Park source logo just like that. I like that the colour is a little bit too bright to go with the darker green. I like that that's good to go get choosy with your font. Let's go from Helvetica to Times New Roman and Times New Roman and speculative bigger when in doubt, print out and good in that department.

Let's content maybe some of the stuff we need some of the stuff we do not need. It's got three little pencils over here. That means we can edit this information. Maybe you don't have your phone number on it maybe don't have your business name for numbers we can on click that sale that's gone there at County your call emails. This is got so backed content for the site you can get rid of some of the stuff you got a broken on your rate your quantity your amount. If you have a lot of products need an SKU number you can add it in that regard, I want to go back to design and really fast. I want to change the template though I don't like this. I think friendly is the most professional, click on friendly let's go with bold now was too much ink will go with modern and I know we can move our logo around the little bit and put that over there estimate middle discount play around that there are no right or wrong emails. This is kind of your stock what to say when it shows up in their email. Here's your invoice.

No, let's go from the click on that down to estimate dear about a ruffled number. Please review the estimate below. Feel free to contest. Contact us to give me questions. We look forward to working with you. Thanks for doing. Thanks for your business can be. Right now I am at my coffee and Danes at the subject in here useful name you got a couple more options and that's kind of just payments is over here being a show bank transfer free. I don't think you can do PayPal you can you PayPal I like that and we are going to click done and we saved it is template one so if you ever go back to estimates. Let's go on it apnea so my pin my Internet bill so ready to back to customize again and it should show up template one. There is fraud or another estimate. Soon after, keep re-creating that every single time there's an estimate or an invoice. Invoices can work the same way if you guys want a tutorial for that. Let me know that is how you create a custom estimate in QuickBooks online.

15. Quickbooks Online - How to SEND SALES RECEIPT 2018

I think this is on our guys will be back soon as you relearn how to create and send a sales receipt people are you, whether it is illegal or not you give a customer a receipt and really quick when you not get receipts like you don't get one to buy a lotto ticket put a dollar in the vending machine you are knocking get a receipt you go to a farmers market and you may or may not get a receipt. Anyway, I think it's bad business not to give a customer a receipt. So let's learn how to give our customers receipt and QuickBooks online okay so from the top. I'm in dashboard right now I'm in a click on this + right there in the top right going click on that customer's invoice received payment. We learned how to do all of these things except a refund when I can focus on delayed credit or charge, but we will learn how to refund. Now let's go to sales receipt and it's kind of the same template we've seen this if you can follow along this playlist, whether it's an invoice or an estimate it's pretty much the same user interface to the customer to get a new one. Freddy Krueger John struggle email or give any doubt that so they can get it payment method will not deal with payment rushing to show improvement. They bought something. Let's go ahead and type and bronze package that was it. Message paid in full. As a matter of just cannot fall just like that and then down in the bottom right that is pretty much it is easy as a YouTube video tutorial can get. And this is their sales receipt letters hotdogs this and that sales that got the date on it. This is what they paid. This is we could customize the sale. She would get balance due off their if there is not a balance opposite. There is balanced I would have this on there but I do not want a balance showing of 0.00 for a sales receipt. Send it close it. That is it. The check is in the mail and whatever their QuickBooks online will be performing and talking out QuickBooks on when services will be performing scheduled maintenance. Yet at this and that during this time unavailable for 30 minutes of canted tutorials by then that's it. See with email. Looks like and you guys officially learned how to create a sales receipt QuickBooks online and send it to them via email or you print out send you in person on the next we'll talk about how to offer a refund, give them the money back from a transaction that we already recorded and entered in QuickBooks online into our business bank account. He has the best in the next video